Space Exploration Ė a Great Leap or Improper Expenses

Nowadays people plan journeys to nearby places and faraway countries. What would it be like if people could plan a journey to Mars? That would be amazing, wouldnít that? Though it may sound unbelievable today, perhaps it can become a reality one day. This dream is on the way of coming true if people succeed in space exploration. Nations sponsor space flights to unexplored destinations. However itís not all roses and butterflies, there is the other side of space exploration.


Space exploration opens chances for discovering the facts that are yet unknown to us. It might change our life dramatically.

Thanks to the space exploration new minerals and precious materials have been found. Who knows, maybe weíll find human-like species living in the outer space and better developed than people are. A new world might be discovered by exploring the space.

Space exploration can satisfy the human thirst for adventures. Many brave people all over the world love accepting challenges and taking risks.


Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of space exploration is its expensiveness. Huge sums are spent on exploring the space and this money can be spent on helping underdeveloped countries to deal with poverty. Space technology and astronomy are involved in space exploration. When so many people cannot afford even the simplest things it is sort of immoral to spend so much money on space exploration.

Manned journeys to space are extremely risky for the astronauts who risk their lives. Space travelers face unfriendly environment and are challenged with harsh conditions. An alternative solution is to use robots in unmanned missions. However the use of robots requires new technology, which means additional expenses.

Space exploration may put humanity into trouble. We might discover something harmful and even lethal to living being on the Earth. There might be harmful microorganisms in the space. Extraterrestrial beings can pose danger for people.

Actually, space exploration is a major leap for humanity however it hasnít achieved yet any significant scientific breakthroughs. Public interest is the major factor in judging the aptitude of space exploration. Itís impossible to deny the fact that itís not always a good idea to stump up on exploring the space while basic needs in many places on the planet are far from being fulfilled.